Tuesday, January 11, 2011


"I am not a leader of men, cuz I prefer to follow..." ~Nickelback

This is the only Nickelback song I even pretend to like, but I love it for the simple fact that I am not a leader, so the lyrics seem to be meant for me. With the announcement of me leaving NaNoWriMo leadership in addition to leaving the group I founded, Wordsmiths by Night, I've been getting messages from past members. And, I can only say, I'm not a leader of writers. I am just a writer. A student. Nothing more.

I don't want to lead. I don't believe that I am a leader. All I ask is that my wishes be respected. I want to write. Hopefully be published. That's always been my mission. When I started Wordsmiths by Night 10 years ago, I was just hoping to meet like-minded individuals who also loved to write. When I took over the Peoria region for NaNoWriMo, I just thought it rolled in nicely with WSbN. I just wanted to make some friends, help those who needed it, and set some goals. Really, my initial intentions were just as innocent as that.

If you need camaraderie in your writing, I'm so there. Beside you. Every step of the way. Wanting and needing the same thing.

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novelist in training said...

*hugs* Honey, you are AWESOME, whether leading or just part of a group. Do what you need to for you.